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  • Mood: Tired
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  • Watching: Mythbusters
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  • Eating: Crystalised Ginger!
  • Drinking: NOTHING (I need a drink)
It's that time again.

Scrapped a load of my deviations earlier, felt like scrapping everything but some of them I couldn't bring myself to scrap... so I must like my work more than I thought ^^;

I haven't drawn anything in a long time, not in a digital sense anyway; I doubt anyone wants to see the 30+ doodles I've done at work! :XD:

I'm feeling increasing meh at the moment, my job is sooo boring but there is no-way I'm leaving until I've lined up something else what with the job climate and all :(

In other news Forbidden Planet in Leicester is going to be closed! :x It sucks royally not only will I have no place to hang out in town but even worse :icontoomillioncrabs: will have no job!

This is even worse than all the woes I've had from the EL panels for my Rakshas cosplay! Damn panel failure and electric shocks! :rage:
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: The Odyssey - Symphony X (long song is Loooong)
  • Reading: Whatever's lying around
  • Watching: Lupin!, XamD_Lost_Memories, the X-Files, Daria
  • Playing: The Secret of Monkey Island
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Tea!
Just finished watching Lupin III: Green Vs Red


Don't get me wrong it's a great movie :D

It just feels a little introspective; which you don't get in Lupin movies really. It's like somewhere towards the end someone decided to inject a syringe full of Metal Gear Solid or something 0.0

Plus this is the first Lupin movie i've ever seen that i may have to watch more than once to get what's going on, the ending is a bit... bitty :/

Maybe i'll understand it more after the second watch-through :aww:

Best Bit:
Jigen Vs Apache Helicopter (enter Crazy ass Jigen!)
Worst Bit:
Precious little Goemon :(

Side note: I want one of these! O__O!!…

Run down of best Lupin Movies for me:

1 - First Contact
2 - The Fuma Conspiracy
3 - Green Vs Red or Angel Tactics

Notable mention: Return of Pycal (as Pycal is in it and he's awesome)

On another Blog worthy subject: Got a iPod Touch the other day, and am having lots of fun converting films and whatnot to put on there :D Though reading subtitles on that ickle screen can be a bit of a strain on the old eyes :( It's completely watch-able though; i'm going to have to put some stuff of there i've still not finished watching yet like baccano or something :aww:

...i drew some inverseM stuff the other day, i really want to get the plot straight in my head

too bad i can't draw well enough for my ideas :(

ah well

Next Update will probably be like next year or something: I seem to have to gotten into the habit of making Bi-Yearly Journal posts :XD:

Woo DS!

Fri Mar 28, 2008, 2:40 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: I'm going slightly mad - Queen
  • Reading: Twelve Kingdoms
  • Watching: The Colour of Magic, Zoku Zetsubo sensei
  • Playing: ScuMM games on DS!
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Orange Squash
Yeah so i finally got myself a nintendo DS, a shiny red and black one (i regretted the import duty on that though, it was like £30 >_< )

What am i playing on it? Sam and Max hit the Road

... it says a lot about me really >_>;;

(i'm massively miffed off that the DS doesn't have enough RAM to run Full Throttle though, which is my favourite game ever)

oh and hotel dusk: Room 215 which is awesome

Claire is playing Professor Layton which i bought for her today, i can probably do one in twenty of those puzzles; they're damn hard! >_<

I've got a load of stuff i want to draw but i've a lost lot of skill from complete lack of practice.

I do a lot of doodles at work though, would they worth posting on Devart? probably not, they're just crappy doodles (mainly fanart, but some original stuff in there too (even some inverse M!)) done with ballpoint pen on the back of peoples used betting slips (i work in a bookies, hense there is a lot of scrap paper around for me to doodle on :XD:)

My cosplays for this year aren't much further than they were a month or so ago (though this is mainly due to me buying things like DS's and not cosplay bits ^^;)

There's progress pics and stuff on…

There may also even be actual progress during next month too ^^;


:iconcaptain-love: :icongenshikenfans: :iconmugennojunin: :iconseras-love: :iconbasilisk-valley: :iconberserk-club:

A very weird morning

Fri Aug 3, 2007, 5:23 AM
  • Mood: Dazed
  • Listening to: Diebuster and Lagann opening themes
  • Reading: Claymore
  • Watching: Baccano!, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Playing: ScuMM games
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Lucozade sport
I'm not one for blogging, it doesn't come very naturally to me but this morning is really something to be recorded for posterity

ok so:

8:30 - My alarm went off (and it was 8:30 i checked!)
8:50 - Got up
Ready for work by 9:10
Messed about on the computer till 9:25 then went to work

Arrived at work at 8:30


Needless to say i was very confused this morning  :confused:

but a 1/2 and hour nap hidden behind the shop counter did me the world of good :XD:


:iconcaptain-love: :icongenshikenfans: :iconmugennojunin: :iconseras-love: :iconbasilisk-valley: :iconberserk-club:
  • Mood: Unheard
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  • Watching: Red Garden, Black Lagoon, Pumpkin Scissors
  • Playing: Dirge of Cerberus
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Soda Water
First off some apologies:

1: That was a really bad x-men joke in that title -___-
2: Inverse M? Where is more? I wish i knew u__u

Although i seem to be able to draw half decently again (with a few hiccups here and there <_<;; )

I still can't seem to draw bodies very well; which is why there has been no inverse M for a while. I want to take it in a good direction but i'm not sure if i have the skill to -__-

So i hope people don't mind if i only do portraits and stuff for a while ^^;

I've done all my Christmas stuff already; wrapping and everything w00t for being early this year :w00t:

I don't know why i just seem to feel invisible on here or something :XD: it's probably me just being paranoid or something tho

Amecon? Will i be able to go? It hangs in the balance, Claire still hasn't talked to her manager about it, she trying to pick the right moment when he's most likely to say yes; so here's hoping  :fingerscrossed:

If i do get to go i have no idea what cosplays i'm going to take; i may just have to take Captain or Alucard or another old one or something :(

I'd love to make Alex Rowe/Vincent/Serpico/Larva but with the exception of maybe Larva (from Vampire Princess Miyu) they'd all be insanely expensive ^^;

My friend :icontoomillioncrabs: managed to land a job at the local Forbidden Planet :shakefist: i wish him all the luck in the world and he really is much more chipper than he's been in months which is a great thing don't get me wrong but damn it just makes me feel even more invisible and useless or something ^^;

Ah ignore me i'm just bored and kinda lonely :(

I hope i get to see friends and stuff over christmas, i don't get to see many of my old friends much any more

Ok enough of being scrooge

I hope everyone out there in net land has a good christmas and a great new year :D

(although i update my journal so irregularly that this christmas-y post will probably be here next christmas :XD:)


:iconcaptain-love: :icongenshikenfans: :iconmugennojunin: :iconseras-love: :iconbasilisk-valley: :iconberserk-club:
Listening to: The Polyphonic Spree (keeping me happy)
Watching : On Your Mark and Ghiblies :D
Reading: The Sandman :headbang: (Did you know that in the beginning we were to prey of giant cats? until we changed the world by thinking it different?)
After getting really depressed over the super crappiness of my page 3 i've decided to do those four pages again; i mean it's not as if i've got a following at all, doesn't matter if i play around with it a bit does it? No of course not :D

If anyone has noticed; i've not been drawing the things i can't draw very well (ie feet thats why they're pointed and hands are only seen if they're really necessary) well now i'm not drawing noses either unless i really have to.

I may do the cover again too; i've had a neat idea for it (whether it works or not is a different matter :XD:)

Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:… <-Thank God!

I'm much happier with this :D
Also i've already managed to get fanart for Inverse M :O_o: but it's from my brother so i don't know if that counts or not :XD:
Watching: R.O.D. the TV
Listening to: The Polyphonic Spree… Nizlopi, Hooks sung by Umbrav :headbang:
Reading: Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (dammit i will finish it >_< )

OK so i had an interview for a library assistant on Wednesday and i'm supposed to hear back from them today and i'm pretty nervous <_< I'm starting to think i shouldn't have worn my Turk cosplay to the interview ^^; (i didn't wear the wig or the gun holster but everything else... i took the shinra pin off while i was in there tho :XD:)

Talking of cosplays i've at the cusp of finishing all of amecon cosplays ^_^
Wig needs a cut, need a white contact lense.
Amano Vincent:
Need Claw and Boot armour still (dammit Mike if you fail me i shall destroy you :shakefist:)
Turk Vincent:
Suit needs to be taken in, may need some different shoes.
Gloves still need to be made.

And i should really have a go at making some props at some point soon :|

After Karate on Saturday (boredom, Mr Baj is such a boring teacher -_-) i went to the annual garden party at the primary school went to, i spent most of my time wondering round the old place marvelling at how small everything is now (not just the chairs and stuff but the 'massive hill' at the back i can now get up in three strides :XD:), finding out my year one teacher is still teaching :o Noticing that the random three headed statue had been removed :x i liked that statue, instead of destroying it they could've given it to me or something and resisting the urge to read some of the books :XD:

My brother asked me if i wanted to play basketball with him on the back playground and we had fun for a bit (i can play sports... as long as no-one is watching :XD:) then after a while he wanted to go and have a go at using the full size net on the main playground and i knew i was going to be crud cos there were loads on people there; that's when i found out that the ball we'd been using my bro had kinda lifted from the prize bin, even though dad expressly told him not to, he's an idiot :x

Then Yesterday i when down to donington le heath manor, where i had volunteered to help out with their victorian day thing. My day consisted of:
- Putting stuff up (ie tents, gazebos)
- Quickly being delegated to car park attendency, where i spent most of the day waving at cars -_-
- Stealing as much free samples of water biscuits with home-made raspberry jam on as i could (as using my infinite forethought i didn't bring any food or money :XD:)
- Taking stuff down (ie tents, gazebos)

I feel sorry for my Dad though his Fathers day consisted of:
- Digging out our collapsed compost heap (that smelt like an active zoo yard if you catch my meaning)
- Having to deal with my Mum on the way to donington le heath manor (who was drunk... again)
- Having to deal with Mum staggering round the Manor grounds
- Having Mum blow an Airhorn in his ear, one left over in the car from my brothers trip to Download
- Having to deal with Mum at the 'Fathers day' meal where she's managed to get even more drunk and nearly brought her steak back up, cutting our meal short while we got her home ¬_¬
Not exactly the best Fathers Day ever, that man has the patience of a Buddha i'm sure.

I spent the rest of the day Playing ResiEvil4 out of the way of everyone, blowing stuff away with the Infinite Handcannon and/or the Red9(with stock attached) it's a great way to un-wind :XD:

:sneeze: Bluddy Hayfever :sneeze:
Listening to: Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf
Reading: Beowulf
Watching: xxxHolic

Lightning just took the computer out :O_o:; now i've got it back online i've completely forgot what i was doing ^^;
Mood: :fork:
Listening to: Song to Woody - Bob Dylan
Reading: Gunslinger Girl vol 2
Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Ergo Proxy

Ok Todays not been very good so far :( First i had to lengthen the handle of the sword prop for my Manji cosplay and it made me more stressed than i have been in YEARS! (I hate working with cardboard ¬_¬). Then i managed to get a shit load of white primer all over my leather trenchcoat, which took which took my bluddy ages to get out; then when i got home i managed to stand on my white kimono with my muddy shoe :pissedoff: Then! my girlfriend sliced my neck open with her nail; todays not been a good day so far. I'm going for a shower; i hope the day gets better :please:
I think all this activity is actually killing my computer u__u it died three times when i was doing the genshiken pic (admittedly tho the original was about 6000 pixels square ^^; ) i don't think i can handle that kind of thing too much.

I may have to wait for a while before a colour my next pic to give it time to rest

Either that or just stop being productive, that'd work too :XD: